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What We Do

World-class skills and athletic training tailored and designed by

3x Olympian Dalton Grant.

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For professional athletes and ball clubs

Professional Athletics

World-class athletic training designed to take you to the pinnacle of your sport.

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For year-round conditioning

Pre-Season Camps

Because champions are developed in the off-season.

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For schools and academia

School Athletics

Develop stellar student-athletes while motivating and inspiring their drive and ambition.

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Team Building

For management and workplace

Corporate Team Building

Team-building exercises for increased productivity.

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Life After Sport

Life After Sport

Transfer on the field skills to off the field success

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*Guaranteed Performance Increase

3% E
5% P
60% B

•      Elite:  3%                        •      Professionals: 5%                     •     Beginners: 60%               

 Elevate your talents, on and off the field.

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